Roberts Family

Last year I asked the Roberts family if I might use them as models for my family portrait season. We had a fun time at a pumpkin patch and I enjoyed capturing them just being them and loving each other as a family. A couple months ago Amanda asked me if they could hire me to take their family portraits. I was honored they had chosen me to be their family photographer.

Here is a little showcase of their session.

These sweet little munchkins have grown so much since last year!
Aren’t they super cute???

This family is amazing.
They are easy going and just love life (and obviously the Sea Hawks)

This guys laughter was difficult to resist.

He also has discovered he like to blow bubbles!!!!

Chris & Amanda, Thank you for the honor of capturing your sweet little family and have some fun with me last month at the park!

High School Senior 2018 Amanda B.

What a busy portrait season it has been for me. I have had seniors and families and I look forward to sharing them all with you here. For now, we will start with Amanda.

I was honored to have a cousin contact me to do her daughter’s Senior Portrait session.
We had a great time catching up and I loved getting to capture this special time in Amanda’s life.

Enjoy this small selection of Amanda’s photo session.

Web Use - Amanda Badua-04280-6

Web Use - Amanda Badua-04299-10

Amanda was sweet and easy to work with.
She is a beautiful young woman and I enjoyed getting to know her a little better.

Web Use - Amanda Badua-04321-15

Web Use - Amanda Badua-04346-16

Amanda’s willingness to try anything I think we were able to capture the essence of who she is.

Web Use - Amanda Badua-04358-19
Web Use - Amanda Badua-04378-22
Sara, you have done a great job and are a fantastic mama!
Thank you for trusting me to take Amanda’s senior portraits.
It was so much fun to hang out with you and Amanda for a little while.

Web Use - Amanda Badua-04419-31

Web Use - Amanda Badua-04427-33

Amanda, congratulations on a job well done!
I look forward to seeing where you go in the future and what all is in store for you next.

Web Use - Amanda Badua-04458-36

2106 Senior Greyson H.

Welcome back!


Today I want you to meet Greyson. Dedicated follower of Christ, history lover, creative, and loyal are the things that come to mind when I think about this young man.

Greyson is a senior earning his diploma online through Liberty University Online Academy. He is involved in the Vivace! Choral Program, TeenPact Leadership Schools, youth group, and various political activities.




I loved that Greyson brought things to represent a little bit of who he is. Each book represented a different interest (politics, history and mystery) and his love of legos and creative mind. If you ever want to see some amazing toy photography, Greyson is your guy! Dude can create any scene with legos and make it truly come alive with his camera!

I asked Greyson whether he had any advice to offer others who were getting ready to take senior pictures. This is what Greyson had to share:

“For other seniors, I would suggest that they relax, enjoy the session, and make sure that they do not hold back any requests.”

When asked about what Greyson’s plans were after high school he said,

“After high school, I plan to attend Pacific Lutheran University and pursue a degree in Political Science, and possibly one in Economics as well. That being said, I am open to wherever the Lord leads me because He ultimately holds my future!”

Greyson was fun to work with and I loved the location he chose that helped capture the essence of who he is. His poise and amazing smile showed through in every image!

Best of luck to Greyson. I know you’ll do wonderful things as you follow God’s lead for your life.

A Moment in the Life of Josiah…

This little man was the best and I wanted to play with him more than take photos of him.
He was all about wanting to see what I was all about and desired to try out my camera for himself.

Print - Knouff 2016-06778

He was more interested in me than mom and so I started this session in hiding in the bathroom to help him forget I was there.
I took a couple details of bath time for him…

Bath time


and was able to pop out every now and again to take a couple shots of Josiah and his beautiful mama playing together
(When Josiah caught me he thought this was the best game of hide and seek ever….THAT SMILE!!!! Swoon!)

Josiah blog ready-1

Soon, I was not AS interesting as his favorite and book.
His toes and little fingers are too cute!!!

Josiah blog ready-2

We ended with a little music time with mom and then I soon left, but He left the biggest impression on me.

Web - Knouff 2016-06880


So sweet, tender, loving and adventurous!
I adore this little guy and his mama more than ever now and cannot wait to visit with them again soon!

BlogBoard-14 Josiah 3

Live In The Moment, For Soon They Will Be Grown…..

I love taking Family and High School Senior Sessions. One of the things I love most is seeing the kids and students grow up. It is so fun to watch when they are making that transition from toys to hobbies and new interests, then to adult careers and married lives.
A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing one of my favorite families’ just-turned-teenage daughter.

Print - Autumn Sanchez 2016-06644
Autumn is a sweet girl who is really growing and becoming such a responsible and beautiful young lady.

Autumn has a sweet sister relationship with the next oldest girl in her family (there are four girls in this one) and she
still enjoys playing dolls every now-and-again with her. In the transition between girlhood and womanhood is a delicate balance of being grown-up with out loosing our child-likeness.

Autumn blog-1

One of her newer interests are drawing and as she spends time honing that skill is it really paying off.

Autumn blog-2
 Autumn is at the age where not only interests are changing, but this is the time where girls especially begin to choose who will be their best friend through the high school years (and possibly beyond). It will be the one (or two) girls they tend to spend the most time with outside their family members and the one who will come along side and encourage them to lift them up when perspective on life has been lost among the emotions and fears of maturing.

Autumn blog-3

Autumn is second of six and well, as we saw earlier, the younger kids want to photo-bomb at least once.
Did I mention that I love this family? They make me laugh! Often!

Print - Autumn Sanchez 2016-06663
While our photo-bomber got his moment, Autumn was focused on her love for baking! She is usually baking, or has just baked, anytime I come visit their home. It is a welcomed thing and she LOVES spending time doing this special hobby
(and I must say, she is really good at it – I sort of envy her….ha!)
We all know the cookie dough is better than the cookie…’s why we fight over who gets to lick the bowl.
I know her mama will agree with this…..Fact #5: Life Is Better With Freshly Baked Cookies.

Autumn blog-4

Autumn, I am excited as you enter this new teen world and begin to explore all that God has for you and has placed in you!

M o r e   i n f o