2106 Senior Greyson H.

Welcome back!


Today I want you to meet Greyson. Dedicated follower of Christ, history lover, creative, and loyal are the things that come to mind when I think about this young man.

Greyson is a senior earning his diploma online through Liberty University Online Academy. He is involved in the Vivace! Choral Program, TeenPact Leadership Schools, youth group, and various political activities.




I loved that Greyson brought things to represent a little bit of who he is. Each book represented a different interest (politics, history and mystery) and his love of legos and creative mind. If you ever want to see some amazing toy photography, Greyson is your guy! Dude can create any scene with legos and make it truly come alive with his camera!

I asked Greyson whether he had any advice to offer others who were getting ready to take senior pictures. This is what Greyson had to share:

“For other seniors, I would suggest that they relax, enjoy the session, and make sure that they do not hold back any requests.”

When asked about what Greyson’s plans were after high school he said,

“After high school, I plan to attend Pacific Lutheran University and pursue a degree in Political Science, and possibly one in Economics as well. That being said, I am open to wherever the Lord leads me because He ultimately holds my future!”

Greyson was fun to work with and I loved the location he chose that helped capture the essence of who he is. His poise and amazing smile showed through in every image!

Best of luck to Greyson. I know you’ll do wonderful things as you follow God’s lead for your life.

A Moment in the Life of Josiah…

This little man was the best and I wanted to play with him more than take photos of him.
He was all about wanting to see what I was all about and desired to try out my camera for himself.

Print - Knouff 2016-06778

He was more interested in me than mom and so I started this session in hiding in the bathroom to help him forget I was there.
I took a couple details of bath time for him…

Bath time


and was able to pop out every now and again to take a couple shots of Josiah and his beautiful mama playing together
(When Josiah caught me he thought this was the best game of hide and seek ever….THAT SMILE!!!! Swoon!)

Josiah blog ready-1

Soon, I was not AS interesting as his favorite and book.
His toes and little fingers are too cute!!!

Josiah blog ready-2

We ended with a little music time with mom and then I soon left, but He left the biggest impression on me.

Web - Knouff 2016-06880


So sweet, tender, loving and adventurous!
I adore this little guy and his mama more than ever now and cannot wait to visit with them again soon!

BlogBoard-14 Josiah 3

Live In The Moment, For Soon They Will Be Grown…..

I love taking Family and High School Senior Sessions. One of the things I love most is seeing the kids and students grow up. It is so fun to watch when they are making that transition from toys to hobbies and new interests, then to adult careers and married lives.
A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing one of my favorite families’ just-turned-teenage daughter.

Print - Autumn Sanchez 2016-06644
Autumn is a sweet girl who is really growing and becoming such a responsible and beautiful young lady.

Autumn has a sweet sister relationship with the next oldest girl in her family (there are four girls in this one) and she
still enjoys playing dolls every now-and-again with her. In the transition between girlhood and womanhood is a delicate balance of being grown-up with out loosing our child-likeness.

Autumn blog-1

One of her newer interests are drawing and as she spends time honing that skill is it really paying off.

Autumn blog-2
 Autumn is at the age where not only interests are changing, but this is the time where girls especially begin to choose who will be their best friend through the high school years (and possibly beyond). It will be the one (or two) girls they tend to spend the most time with outside their family members and the one who will come along side and encourage them to lift them up when perspective on life has been lost among the emotions and fears of maturing.

Autumn blog-3

Autumn is second of six and well, as we saw earlier, the younger kids want to photo-bomb at least once.
Did I mention that I love this family? They make me laugh! Often!

Print - Autumn Sanchez 2016-06663
While our photo-bomber got his moment, Autumn was focused on her love for baking! She is usually baking, or has just baked, anytime I come visit their home. It is a welcomed thing and she LOVES spending time doing this special hobby
(and I must say, she is really good at it – I sort of envy her….ha!)
We all know the cookie dough is better than the cookie…..it’s why we fight over who gets to lick the bowl.
I know her mama will agree with this…..Fact #5: Life Is Better With Freshly Baked Cookies.

Autumn blog-4

Autumn, I am excited as you enter this new teen world and begin to explore all that God has for you and has placed in you!

Live in the Moment….Beautiful Memories

Live in the moment

Make it so beautiful it is worth remembering


As a photographer, you have a special privilege of capturing memories and being on the “inside” of many individual’s intimate moments of thoughts, fears, insecurities and memories. Maybe you were asked to capture the moment a young man proposes to his love.

Or maybe, the moment their first born enters the world and takes their first breath.



Possibly you were asked to capture a first kiss, on their wedding day. No matter what the moment captured, as a photographer, it is an honored moment.

Web Cook Wedding June 10, 2015-07590

Lauren & Trevor WM-01499

Today my post is going out mainly towards women. Yes, you know who you are. We women are the ones who insist on family portraits and as long as that photographer can hide all our flaws, we are happy to stand in the back row and let them take a snap shot or two of us WITH our family. OR we insist on being the one behind the camera to capure sweet moments with friends & family, but never willing to be in front of the camera because we are ashamed.  I am guilty of this as well, before I became a photographer for sure. Having our photos taken causes every fear of imperfection to rise in us that possibily could. May I encourage you in this post to change your mind, and your perspective, about being perfect in every photograph, but to be you…as you are, right now, in this moment….and possibly as the only individual in front of the photographer’s lens (as scary as that sounds).

Cropped for blog about women

We, as women, have fought for a long time to be recognized as equals in the world of men. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a women’s libber, but I do believe God created us, men AND women, in His image. I do not believe that God created one to be greater than the other in His eyes. With that, the one place we certainly do NOT want equal share is infront of a camera. Ladies, mother of your own or friend of those God intrusts to you, may I remind you the importance of a photographer capturing the real you. I know it can be so awkward and uncomfortable, trust your photographer.

The woman with eyes that see right through you and speaks the life and love she sees aloud.

The woman with eyes that see right through you and speaks the life and love she sees aloud.

 If you have hired a good one, or a friend is practicing on you, do all they ask…..even the silly stuff! Why, because they will capture the best you possible, that everyone and anyone who knows you will love, all from the silliest request. May my memory of a beautiful woman of God and gift placed on this earth for a time and a season encourage you to think differently.


Meet Jackie!!! A beautiful soul she was.

Meet Jackie. Amazing Wife, Loving Mother and Loving Friend. This image  was taken two years ago. I had just met Jackie at a homeschool moms women’s retreat in GA. I had known her, and many of the women there that weekend, for as many as ten years through our online community of homeschool moms that were all using the same curriculum. I cannot even begin to describe this community to you and all it’s amazing connections of the heart. Jackie and I had never met before this 2013 retreat in real life. I admit that the reason behind this shoot wasn’t because I wanted to capture memories for everyone, well….I did and it is always my goal, but really my reason for offering the mother/daughter shoots was to protect myself from being known and possibly hurt. I didn’t want to let anyone in that weekend, for I was terrified of finding out what these ladies might really think of me once they knew me. Think of online dating…..it would be similar to that. Fear of being known. Knowing your FB presence may not represent the real you in real life. Yes, I chose to hide the best I could that first day behind my camera, because that was WAY easier than being with the ladies there. So I created a sign up sheet and I offered mini sessions.


Jackie and Shelby were my first mother/dauther to sign up. I was nervious, but was in my element. Here is what I remember best about that session. I walked out to these woods behind our cabins. The fall leaves were beautiful and I could see it would be a great place to shoot. I was in shorts, not the best decision while in the Georgian woods. I don’t know what was biting my legs that whole time, but it was not pleasant later. We all have a few funny memories from that…..all I have to say is “activated charcoal paste….and Mom’s Love Rub” they do not mix if you want to get the charcoal off later. Yep, Jimmy Crow had returned by way of my bug bitten legs. I digress.


Jackie and Shelby were the best first subjects I could have possibly had.


Jackie’s bold and joyful personality immediately put me to ease and by the end of our half hour I felt like we were great friends. She didn’t judge me. She didn’t presuppose who I was. She only thought the best. It is rare, I am finding, people who only think the best of others. Jackie was one of those people.


Even when I asked her to throw her head back and give me a good laugh, she thought I was a little crazy, but tossed her head back, gave a nervous laugh and then her daughter, Shelby said something, that made Jackie truly laugh. Gone were the nerves that originally had her holding back and she totally let loose. I love  when I get these moments especially. While Jackie didn’t particularly love this image of herself, Shelby and I (and sooooo many others) agree it embodies all of who Jackie was. Yes, I say was. That is the purpose of this post.

So many women refuse to have their photo taken or to show the one they had taken as they didn’t like something about it. I don’t always like photos of myself either. The funny thing is, NO ONE notices that little thing(s) we women notice about ourselves. The only thing our family and friends see is the woman they know to be us and if you have a good photographer, they will remember you for who you truly are! Beautiful, vibrant and full of life!

The woman who gives pure wisdom and joy when she speaks.

The woman who gives pure wisdom and joy when she speaks.

The woman who maybe quiet but who

The woman who maybe quiet, but who’s smile brightens a room when she enters.

The woman who

The woman who’s care and concern is nothing short of beautiful.


The woman who desires nothing but the best for her family

The woman who desires nothing but the best for her family


The woman who thinks she is in background, but whom everyone loves and enjoys and is beautiful just the way she is.

The woman who thinks she is in background, but whom everyone loves and enjoys and is beautiful just the way she is.

The woman who helps anyone she can whenever she can and can be counted on to give the best care.

The woman who helps anyone she can, whenever she can, and can be counted on to give the best care.

The woman who loves with her whole heart and nothing less and is as loyal as the day is long.

The woman who loves with her whole heart and nothing less and is as loyal as the day is long.

Yes, those moments are worth remembering and worth capturing.

So,  when you feel uncomfortable, let down your hair, be determind to find that happy place and don’t fear being yourself in front of the camera.

Words to live by final blog ready

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Throw Back Thursday….A Surprise Disney Adventure Part 5 of 5

It is CHRISTMAS TBT!!!!!!!!

If you missed the other posts you can click on the links here to read them; part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Yup, this was my Christmas day and present last year, 2013. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. My brother got up early and picked me up from the KOA, we were staying at in our trailer, to take me to a special place to see the sunrise over the desert. It was so beautiful. Here are the photos I captured (I forgot my tripod – NOT good – but hey, it was really early in the morning and I was sick) so please forgive if any are a little blurry.


The city lay quiet. Some just waking (most likely those little children who just could NOT wait for mom and dad to get up so they could open their gifts), some still sleeping,  and my brother and I were on the top of a mountain? really big hill? I am not really sure, but the view below was amazing!


Soon the sun began to peak up over the eastern horizon.


My brother stood watching, waiting and enjoying the anticipation of the Great Painter showing off His glory in the skies.


Soon, more light was spilling over the rim and the sound of the coyotes in the distance…..oh, if only you could have heard their songs of praise. It was amazing. I loved watching God reveal my Christmas present to me that morning.


The light was not bright, but dawn had now exposed what I couldn’t see a few minutes earlier.

Desert Sunrise collage

On our way out of town we drove through the painted desert on our way to Nevada.

last one

This painted desert stretches on forever! And we didn’t even see half of it. This was the red side.


While there we discovered route 66 and had a family photo op, however it wasn’t until after Miles was Miles and did the unexpected….he photo bombed the first attempt….lol.


Then we stopped in Vegas to visit another brother of mine. There I recovered from the flu I had and my sister in law took us to the M&M store and the Coca Cola store on the strip. We didn’t go anywhere else, so don’t worry, the kids were safe….ha ha. When we left Nevada our adventure was over and we were on our way home. It was an exciting time and a great three and a half weeks of travel.


M o r e   i n f o