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Welcome to the monthly blog circle post! We are photographers that all met on Clickin Mom’s and have formed a blog circle to PUSH ourselves once a month with the creative exercise theme each month from the forum there.

Each month you can follow us around the “circle” by clicking forward or backward. If you are traveling forward you may have just come from       Conni Pohl and Lisa Lacroix’s blog and can click on forward at the end of this blog post.

Like to doing things a little different? Do you swim upstream or go against the grain? Then you may have come from Lisa Rigazio’s blog. A backwards traveler can also click on the next name in this circle at the bottom of this post.

Either way I appreciate your stopping by and taking a look here.

It has been fun and challenging this year so far. Last month I was sick and didn’t participate….I am hoping to get a little time between working, schooling the kids and trying to find a little balance in my life to post for that theme before next month though, so be watching.

This month the Theme was The Words Around Us.The goal was to include words into the shot that would enhance the photo or the focus of the photo.This month I tried to use as many of the different ways to include words.

The first photo is an example of Providing Context as to Setting. This last week four Clickin Moms met up to location scout and share favorite places in our city, Tacoma, here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It was a great time visiting and gathering ideas and advice from one another. I love that we were able to meet up as friends and not competitors. We each have different focuses and some that overlap, but overall we were there for one another and to share.

We visited down town and here was a spot I love taking photos at of Senior Boys, however this time I saw the words and decided to include them into the shot with this post in mind.


This next one was a bit more difficult. The topic is including words To Give Narrative Cues. I really had to think about how I was going to include this one. I decided that since we homeschool, I wanted to show that “Kids Live Here.” This shot is of my son doing his school work.


However, this is a typical thing to see around our house. Books all over the floor or table during school hours. With four kids, that can be a lot of books. I guess there are worse things that could be littering our house and I am glad to see them studying when they are focused.

The Words Around Us

Next is To Express a Thematic Message. This one was also a little difficult till I went for a walk before heading to church on a weekday to volunteer. I was down on the waterfront and was walking along when I was this sign and the train car in the background with these words. I kind of found a little humor in them. As you can tell the “L” in Pooling wasn’t very visible.


Last was To Tell Us Something about a Subject. This month has been very busy and while the boys and Dad have had lots of “guy” time, we girls have not had much “girl” time. My daughter is starting to show signs of becoming a young woman and had a very downcast day. When I asked her what was bothering her and why she looked like she might cry any moment she answered with the “I don’t know” that we mom’s of girls at this age all know means signs of puberty about to take place. While I was out scouting locations with friends I decided to stop at the store and pick up some flowers and a card for my sweet girl to bring a little sunshine into her day until we could escape the testosterone filled house we live in and get some real girl time together. She loved them and I LOVED seeing the expression on her face as she discovered them on her dresser.


Again thanks for stopping here and please continue on to check out the other amazing photographers in our circle

and their take on this month’s theme.

If traveling forward head over to  Lisa Rigazio’s blog here.

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