Throw Back Thursday….A Surprise Disney Adventure Part 2 of 5

Our unsuspecting kids had no idea last year that we were surprising them with a trip to Disney. I explained our first few days and our first stop in last week’s post here.  About two nights before we took off we had emptied our big coin jar in our bedroom of all the change and cashed it in for dollars at the bank. We covered it with a shirt and hoped for the best that no one would discover that it was empty, since everyone had contributed to it and knew it was our Disney savings.


Our code word while planning was, Anaheim…..they had NO CLUE what that was. It was an amazing time Richard and I thought for sure our oldest might have guessed what was going on when he commented in the car, “Huh, according to that exit sign back there, we must be really close to Disneyland.” That night we pulled into our RV slot at the Anaheim Disney RV Resort and watched the fireworks over Disney before bed. I look back at that photo and wonder if the kids were thinking that was probably as close as they would ever come to Disneyland? In the Morning we surprised them with printed out Tickets. Conversation went  like this: Richard: “For the next three days we are taking you to Disneyland.” Son #2: “Ya, right!” Me: “No, really….we are going to Disneyland.” Kids: “Really?” Parents: “Yup! Go get dressed and ready to leave.” Son #1: “Oh, I guess I should get my things out of the car. I thought we were driving all day today.”


When we arrive at Disneyland we were overwhelmed to say the least. Richard, nor I, had ever been to Disneyland. For the first three hours we were just trying to figure out what we were going to do and where to start. We wanted to go in six different directions so, we sat down on the curb and watched the parade that was starting instead.


Once the parade was over we went and had a little fun. Richard and two older boys went on the Pirate’s of the Caribbean ride, while I and the younger two kids went to check out the Smith Family Robinson’s attraction. After that the younger kids and I waited for while outside the Pirate’s ride for the others to emerge. Reuben found a fun balloon to interact with, he is such clown.


Other things we did was to go into the castle, and explore that whole section of Disney. Both the younger two tried to pull out King Arthur’s Sword, but they were unsuccessful; not for lack of trying.


There’s gotta be a trick to this….


Our First day was enjoyable and exhausting. The sun set was amazing and the colors in the sky were beautiful!


There’s that lamp!


And if you have never seen the castle during Christmas time at Disney, it is a must! It is a beautiful site at night especially! OH, and that one place with that annoying little song that is played over and Over and OVER again! Small World.


We left that evening with happy hearts, a little love from Mini Mouse, and  ready for the next day in CA Adventure land.


Stay tuned for our post about California Adventureland and Flo’s Diner!!! Oh, Yeah!

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