Throw Back Thursday….A Surprise Disney Adventure Part 3 of 5

Welcome back to TBT Disney! Yes, it has been quite fun to post about our fun adventures. I will do my best this week not to be so wordy. Sorry about that. If you missed the other two posts here are links to part 1 and part 2. California Adventureland, here we come!!!! Or wait….this is a throw back so maybe that should read, “There we went!”

To think behind them was just a wall muriel….that road actually went no where!


I believe that cars land was our absolute favorite thing in CA Adventures. I was like we had just walked onto the movie set for cars. everything was surreal. I am certain the natives knew we were tourists.


That last pic above with My Favorite Martian was a photog no-no! Lol. It was a zoom in from the family photo above this collage. I quickly repositioned said martian and he suddenly turned into my favorite first-born-son-named-Miles. One of Reuben’s favorite moments was seeing Mater down the street (above). Then having our Family photo taken with Mater.


Our favorite ride was race cars ride. This was a real hot ride! We loved Carsland, who wouldn’t?

Last, we headed to the fountain pool area for the water laser light show, starring frozen.

Took a couple photos of the Mickey’s Farris Wheel, which we wanted to go on, but were not able to get there before they closed it down for the show. All the kids got their pic taken with it lit up in the background…..but Miles got a little surprise from the guy next to him. BEST photo bomb EVER!


Next week I will cover our last day at Disney!

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