Throw Back Thursday….A Surprise Disney Adventure Part 4 of 5

Hey, it’s Throw Back Thursday! If you missed the other posts you can check them out here; part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Today you will see our last day at Disneyland. This was Missy Nightingale’s 12th birthday! And I had a little surprise for her with her hair. Yes, her hair. We took a little extra time and here is how the birthday girl spent her day at Disneyland! (no this post isn’t all about her)


She decided her birthday would be the best birthday ever, since we wouldn’t be riding in a car all. day. long.

Our first stop for her birthday (the boys went somewhere else) was to find her favorite princess. First princess we saw was her.


Next we visited royal hall. Every princess LOVED Missy’s “ears.”

(click here to see a tutorial on how you can have Mini Ear Buns too, cute girls hairstyles is a great resource for many ideas)


What’s trip to Disney without a photo in front of the Castle with Mini Mouse Bun Ears?


Next we found Tinker Bell, Reuben, &  another Fairy.


Next I took on the boys and their piracy, while Richard and the Princess had other adventures.


Then I took the Princess to Royal Hall to find Snow White. One of the court assistants (is that what they call those people with giant feathers in their caps?) knew had been looking for Snow earlier and had just missed her. Missy Nightingale wanted me to meet my favorite princess. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was not only my first Disney movie, it was also my first movie in the theaters. This court assistant was amazing and knew it was Missy’s birthday  she did all she could to ensure we saw Snow White, taking us into a back entrance to get us to her.


We also saw Mini, who was literally jumping up and down upon seeing Missy’s Mini bun ears. Mini Mouse thought this was fantastic and did all she could to get her assistant to take note as well. It was quite comical.


Last we saw Jasmine. Our mission was complete.


We then met up with Dad and the boys. They had a close call with Hook.


Then we headed to TuneTown to see what we could see. And we saw Mickey, who also liked Missy’s hair do for the day.


Miles and Kyle broke out of jail…..


and we met up with Pluto.


And he also liked those ears on Missy’s head.


By the end of our day we all had our mouse ears (some of us more than one pair).

Diseny, we miss you and hope to someday get the chance to return for a little longer to see all that we can see.

M. I. C. See ya real soon, K. E. Y. Why? Because WE LIKE YOU!


Tune in next week when we cover a most amazing Christmas day sunrise in AZ!

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